Peggy finishes her story by explaining how her family members, friends, and LDS church leaders reacted to her decision to leave Mormonism. Peggy explains how God used the Bible to help Peggy understand that Mormonism was not the truth. 

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Peggy Malone tells of her religious beliefs before she began investigating the Mormon church. Although she had great Mormon friends, she felt no desire to become LDS. Over time, Peggy explains how her LDS friends showed her love, acceptance, and forgiveness causing her to consider joining.

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Andy explains what his belief and relationship to Jesus was when he was LDS and contrasts that with his current belief about Jesus and his new relationship. Andy describes his new perspective on the meaning of hope and what true love is.

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Nick continues to tell of some of the things he went through as he came out of Mormonism into a new Christian culture. Nick tells of some of the ministry he does to reach Latter-day Saints with the gospel found in the Bible. 

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Nick continues his story by telling about how he asked his Pastor father-in-law for his daughters hand in marriage. After Nick's marriage, Nick began reading the Bible for the first time. Nick tells how God started changing Nick through the Bible. 

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Nick Jones was born and raised LDS in an inactive LDS home. Nick was more active than his parents becuase his grandmother brought him to the local ward. Nick tells why he wanted to be LDS and about how his LDS family helped to found the Mesa area in Arizona.

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Chris and Jamie finish by expressing their new found love for the grace of Jesus. Their new beliefs cured the nagging problem of perfection required by the teachings of LDS church. Now their hope in Jesus is sure and is no longer a question of if they will be good enough to see God.

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Chris and Jamie continue telling their story of leaving Mormonism.  After ten years of trying to convince Jamie about Mormonism, Chris decided that he should divorce Jamie because of their differences in beliefs. After realizing that divorce was a mistake and their remarriage, Jamie decided to prove that the Christians were wrong by attending Chris’s local Christian Church. 

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